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Wanted: more than just a teacher

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As with other types of Dutch education, finding and attracting the right teaching talent is a major challenge for the country’s MBO colleges (secondary vocational education). The reasons why lie in the acute shortage of teachers generally (and in technology, ICT and nursing in particular), and the metropolitan challenges that MBO colleges face.

The challenge facing an ROC (regional training centre) in the Randstad

Regional training centre ROC Amsterdam-Flevoland is looking for both qualified teachers and business people who are passionate about education. It asks PROOF to help. The organisation wants to make two things clear: 1), that it has a lot to offer as an employer and 2), because of this, it wants to attract people who know how to make a difference. This is an ideal assignment for PROOF.

After extensive discussions with teachers and support staff, one thing quickly becomes clear: at ROC Amsterdam-Flevoland, you are not just your job description. As well as being a teacher, you can also be a coach, a sounding board, a shoulder to lean on or a calming presence. As a manager, you are a helicopter pilot and visionary. As a facility employee, you are an explorer. This additional that makes a difference for the college’s students, the professionals of the future, who each have their own background and upbringing.


Based on this approach, the careers site for ROC Amsterdam-Flevoland is transformed into a modern and attractive site filled with text that challenges people to use their talents for the college. Stimulating banners on various social and other media trigger traffic to the site. The fact that people are being asked to be “more than just your job” proves to work when it comes to attracting talented teachers, career-switchers and other employees.

Click on the image above to visit the “Working at” website


The concept also adapts to current events. As the coronavirus pandemic begins to gather pace, the ROC starts advertising for “improvisation talents” – teachers who can switch quickly from face-to-face lessons at school to online lessons via programs such as Teams. Internally, the emphasis moves to “adventurers” – employees who see the pandemic as an opportunity to think outside the box about the possibilities and impossibilities of remote education.

PROOF developed the ROC Amsterdam-Flevoland concept and tools, plus trained ROC employees to write vacancy texts themselves. Because at ROC Amsterdam-Flevoland, you are more than just a teacher.

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