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True value creation starts with happy employees. Happy employees = happy customers = more value. PROOF creates engaging employee experiences that boost happiness and unite people behind organisational goals. We build strong employer brands to build a distinctive reputation and win the war on talent.

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We love doing work that touches hearts and minds with and for great clients. Together we make change happen.

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Bridging strategy and creativity

Combining clear insights and adequate strategy with creative concepts and contemporary execution. PROOF builds the optimal bridge between strategy and creation to create as much impact as possible with and for our clients.



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PROOF stories

Take a peek at the world of PROOF.

PROOF stories_02-18.jpg
9 maart 2023
Our colleague Ingrid delighted us with her baking skills, she made us a delicious monchoutaart.. Yummy!
PROOF stories_02-17.jpg
2 maart 2023
Proud of our graphic designer Esmé van den Brom, showing us her artwork for her application to ArtEZ University of the Arts!
PROOF stories_02-16.jpg
23 februari 2023
Happy Winetime again! Marije brought Brave Hendrik Blond Beer from Tea Garden Eemnes. Beer instead of wine because… Marije designed the ticket of the bottle. Looks cool right?
PROOF stories_02-15.jpg
16 februari 2023
Our partner Zigt Media & Performance came over. Expanding our collaboration!
PROOF stories_02-14.jpg
14 februari 2023
Bring a circular present for a colleague with Valentines day!
PROOF stories_01-13.jpg
14 februari 2023
Bart showing off at our monthly Happy Baking Contest! Caramel fudge cake.. de-li-cious!
PROOF stories_01-12.jpg
15 december 2022
A delicious Christmas dinner to end our year!
PROOF stories_01-11.jpg
6 december 2022
Hester sharing her findings in one of our retrospective sessions.
PROOF stories_01-9.jpg
3 november 2022
Eva and Esmé presenting our own brand new internal alignment concept.
PROOF stories_01-10.jpg
26 oktober 2022
A great employee journey workshop with Bilfinger Tebodin!
PROOF stories_01-8.jpg
5 oktober 2022
All about alignment. Bea Aarnoutse at Nyenrode Business University.
PROOF stories_01-6.jpg
4 oktober 2022
Bea on the importance of living up to your proposition on the HR Day 2022.
PROOF stories_01-7.jpg
27 september 2022
Hester accompanies an onboarding workshop for the HR Academy.
PROOF stories_01-5.jpg
18 augustus 2022
We enjoyed Marianne and Gonneke's food and wine tasting!
PROOF stories_01-1.jpg
12 maart 2022
ASML, you’re amazing!
PROOF stories_01-2.jpg
10 maart 2022
Buen apetito! Thanks to Katja and Jenny for this delicious Spanish-themed lunch.
PROOF stories_01-3.jpg
22 februari 2022
Wind and rain don’t stop us. Here we are, shooting a video while wearing a blue suit and a big smile. Can you guess the client?
PROOF stories_01-4.jpg
8 februari 2022
Visiting Damen Shipyards. Not Bob, but Bea the builder.

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