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Turning around customer service in 100 days

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Employee alignment

How do you deliver a top to bottom turnaround in customer service in just 100 days? In the case of Ziggo, the answer lay in combining a strong concept with a consistent, determined approach. And an activation campaign that captured everyone’s imagination.

Making an external promise come to life inside

When Dutch broadband operator Ziggo merged with UPC Nederland, part of Liberty Global, it entered a transitionary period. Among its goals were booking rapid changes that would enable it to deliver on its promises to customers. Within a few months of the merger taking place, however, customer service targets were starting not to be met, and urgent action was needed.

Ziggo’s promise is to provide its clients with all the things they enjoy the most. Immediately, whenever and wherever they want. Delivering this requires a particular mentality, mindset and way of working. Customer first, enjoyment first. Ruben Uppelschoten, CIO of Ziggo, set a stretching goal: a metamorphosis within 100 days.

A simple question requires a simple answer

Ziggo asked PROOF to help it develop a campaign that would radically change employee and management behaviour, making it customer-centric, service- oriented and pro-active. Employees and management should feel the urgency, understand how they could contribute to change in concrete terms and, knowing this, enthusiastically embrace it and so increase customer satisfaction.

Based on this, PROOF created an activation concept called ‘Wedden dat..?’ (‘Wanna bet…?’) that encompassed the entire organisation. Ruben Uppelschoten led by example and threw down the gauntlet, declaring: “I bet that we’ll have more satisfied customers within 100 days”.

The target audience of the campaign was Ziggo’s Customer Operations employees and management – more than 5,500 people, 3,000 of whom worked at external contractors. Everyone’s help would be needed to achieve the goal.

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Integrated channels and innovative mix of tools

Ziggo has various communications channels and these were put to use in an integrated effort in which managers were activated, employees motivated and a mix of on and offline tools applied. A TV personality with ties to Ziggo represented the company’s customers.


‘Wanna bet..?’ was introduced at the end of March and it quickly became clear that the concept was a huge success. More than 200 bets were made and Ziggo’s service levels started to climb almost immediately.

One bet in particular truly touched all employees: ‘Can we get everyone to come to the office dressed in Orange on day 50?’ Orange Day was born and became an instant hit as, half way through the 100-day campaign period, Ziggo turned totally orange.

‘Wanna bet…?’ had a simple goal: to improve the customer service organisation in 100 days, and make a significant impact on the NPS score. The result was great: an increase of the service NPS score of 10 points!

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