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National Holocaust Museum

From generation to generation

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Passing on. From you to me. From generation to generation. From culture to culture. From unknown to loved. This is the exact reason for the wish of the National Holocaust Museum in formation (part of the Jewish Cultural Quarter), started in 2016, to become a permanent museum. To establish this, the museum needs partners who want to support them. The National Holocaust Museum has asked PROOF to develop a film about the dreams and goals of this unique museum, to attract these partners. Without the terrible images of the Holocaust, but with intimate portraits of people that stick with you. But how do we realise that: never again?

Build with us

The film demonstrates that ‘passing on’ and ‘together’ are key when it comes to a safe future for everyone. In the film, 42 people with different backgrounds show us that the National Holocaust Museum is meant for everyone. After all, we pass our past on to future generations, whether we want to or not. But if we do not tell what we have learnt from our past, our mistakes will be repeated. And our successes will not be passed on. Therefore, the call to action at the end of the film reads: help us build the National Holocaust Museum.

The museum, and the film, mainly focus on national and international target groups: potential stakeholders and peer groups in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. The film is also the framework for the overall communication and marketing approach for attracting even more visitors. Short interviews with the main characters of the film play a key role. People who touch you. People you remember. Content for social media has also been developed and exists of a short version of the film and several striking quotes. What the people in the movie tell you, hits you. You want to do something with it.

PROOF developed an impactful film. A film for people, by people and about people. The central theme of the film is ‘passing on’. This is in line with the goal of the museum. Passing on valuable knowledge to future generations. Explaining how indifference, discrimination and exclusion have led to unimaginable cruelties. Emphasising the importance for addressing these issues, and pointing out how this is still happening. People are still indifferent, and discriminate and exclude others. But this does not have to be the case. No one has to fear the other. We are all alike. And ‘together’ is always the better option.

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At the moment, the fundraising is in full swing. The first commitments have been made. The film proves to contribute to the realisation of the fundraising goals. Marc Noyons, campaign counsel at Marc Noyons & Partners states: “By showing the film before we start our meetings, we have noticed that the conversation always starts at the level we want it to. The necessity of the museum is seen and felt. It is valuable for everyone who is involved.”

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