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Employee alignment

KLM is committed to helping its employees develop themselves, with one of its most recent initiatives being a Learning & Development fund for ground crew. This is a broad offer of courses and programmes aimed at helping ground crew keep their knowledge, skills and capabilities up to date, something that is of major importance to both them and the organisation. A key element is the introduction of an annual budget which they can invest themselves in their own L&D.

As part of its introduction, PROOF is asked to develop an activation concept for the L&D fund for KLM ground staff.

Accessible activation: choose your opportunity

The goal of the activation programme is to make employees aware of the L&D fund, introduce them to the offer and trigger them to work on their development. Target group research by PROOF has found that ground staff assume the L&D offer either doesn’t apply to them or that it won’t match what they want.

Based on this insight, we develop an information and activation programme that makes the breadth of the offer apparent and triggers people to act on it. This is captured in the line “Kies je kans” (Choose your opportunity). The line emphasises the purpose of L&D fund and makes a direct link to the extensive offer that underlies it. This is done in three ways, with three tools. The focus is on things like posters and flyers, as our target group doesn’t spend a lot of time behind a computer.

An irresistible offer

To introduce the L&D fund, we develop a Z-Card – a fold-out poster that illustrates the incredible number of courses and programmes KLM offers its ground staff. We deliberately make the choice on offer look overwhelming to persuade people that rather than there being nothing for them, the choices are actually huge and that there has to be something out there for them. We then follow this up with a flyer that offers employees more information about the L&D fund. This includes outlining all the opportunities available, from a vitality programme to personal development courses. We also give a few insights into the results of the courses and programmes, to show people what joining one could do for them.

Positive results

The results are confidential, but KLM is very pleased with the attention our programme generated for the L&D fund. Most importantly, KLM ground crew are actively working on their development.

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