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Wij van Jumbo

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Employee alignment

Helping 45,000 people think different

Over the last couple of years Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has acquired two competitors that it is in the process of rebranding as Jumbo. But redesigning the stores is just part of the challenge. The company also has new franchisees and some 45,000 new employees that need to know, love and live the Jumbo strategy.

Premium. Everyday.

Jumbo has a specific retail formula. The supermarket offers a broad range of products and top service at ‘everyday low prices’. However, the chain’s explosive growth means it faces an enormous challenge in keeping the key ‘Jumbo feeling’ alive. Jumbo asked PROOF to help.

Simple. Memorable.

The strategy we developed – ‘Wij van Jumbo houden van’ (At Jumbo, we love…) – quickly and simply explains, familiarises and involves franchisees and employees with the Jumbo way of doing things: strategy, values, the company’s 7 Pledges and its ambition. Done.

Say it. Say it again. Remember it.

Because of the diversity of the target groups, with their varied levels of knowledge and computer access, the strategy calls for a sophisticated communication mix to achieve maximum reach. PROOF suggested a balanced communication mix that included meetings, a management e-zine, a brand brochure, Jumbo TV on mobile phones and screens in the canteen, social intranet, posters, quarterly newspapers and a convenient app for work schedules.

Loving it.

The result is that the majority of employees say they feel extremely involved, understand the formula and know how to apply it. ‘At Jumbo, we love’ changes internal communications from an instrumental approach (tell and motivate) to a strategic backbone for the whole organisation (ready, willing and able).

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