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Together towards 2020

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Employee alignment

Background, question, goal and communication strategy

Holland Casino faces a number of challenges: a proposed privatisation, stricter legislation on gambling and increasing pressure from online and other competitors. In response, CEO Erwin van Lambaart and CFO Ruud Bergervoet, along with Holland Casino’s managers and employees, are laying a solid foundation for the future. Their strategy – “Together towards 2020” – is based on a clear mission: “We offer our guests the most exciting game and we are always welcoming and involved.”

Through a combination of openness and dialogue, Holland Casino employees understand and embrace its strategy. To ensure it stays this way, the company asks PROOF to organise a Management Days event, its second, for its more than 800 managers. As with previous events, also organised by PROOF, there are three components: listening, informing and motivating. Listening to what is going on and the issues managers encounter. Informing managers about the ambition and strategy of Holland Casino and their role in making and keeping the organisation future-proof. And motivating each other by discussing how employees can best help one another to meet all the challenges.

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Concept and resources

PROOF and Holland Casino develop a concept for the event, with PROOF responsible for implementing the plenary part. The form is deliberately interactive; a signal that the board continues to view dialogue as paramount and that coming together to talk about the progress the company is making is both useful and a normal part of a manager’s work. The theme is “reflection” or looking in the mirror: what is going well and what could be better, both at an organisational and an individual level? And by hosting more than 200 managers a day over four days, Holland Casino can underline the company’s hard-working mentality.

Each day begins with an energetic and informative talk show led, as in previous editions, by Dutch TV presenter Leonie ter Braak. She interviews the board and several managers about current issues and the progress being made in implementing the strategy. They also look together at whether all the improvement points identified and discussed during the 2018 Management Days event have been addressed. Then, following an inspiring Omdenkshow (turnaround show), the managers take part in various Mini-Masterclasses based on the four themes for 2019. Finally, the day closes with a second interactive talk show that sees every manager look both literally and figuratively in the mirror. Erwin van Lambaart concludes with a personal speech in which a rotating disco mirror ball serves as a metaphor for the importance of working together.


The 2019 Management Days event continues the resounding success of the year before. A survey finds that a massive 93% of attendees were happy with the programme, while feedback indicates a satisfaction score of 7.6. there were some great quotes, too, such as: “It’s great to see this time and effort being put into us; it makes me feel appreciated as a manager” and “The personal words of the board touch me and give me direction and confidence.”

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