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Our heart for sensible care

Employee alignment

A book full of meaningful stories

Cooperative insurer VGZ has long been committed to making health care in the Netherlands more sensible and meaningful. The company’s ‘sensible care’ strategy, dubbed internally ‘Together we’re sensibly busy’(‘Samen zijn we zinnig bezig’), involves getting employees to contribute even more to delivering sensible care through their own work.

This process involved gradually introducing employees to the thinking behind sensible care: better patient care at lower cost, with care providers taking the initiative. After spending more than a year working on this internally, Coöperatie VGZ and the brand VGZ then underlined the concept externally, by changing its pay-off.

The focus on sensible care began to deliver some powerful results and the company’s external stakeholders were quick to see the changes, from the introduction of a new pay-off – ‘With a heart for sensible care’ – to significant positive media attention, debates about sensible care and sensible care awards.

Coöperatie VGZ’s employees were naturally proud of the results and so, to celebrate this, Coöperatie VGZ decided in 2019 to record its employees’ ‘sensible’ efforts and experiences in a fun-to-read book brimming with meaningful stories. Titled ‘Our heart for sensible care’, the book provides a way for Coöperatie VGZ staff to showcase their passion for sensible care, both to each other and to every person in the Netherlands. So everyone begins to love sensible care.

PROOF has been actively supporting Coöperatie VGZ’s communications for three years, developing the ‘Together we’re sensibly busy’ concept with the company’s Corporate Affairs team and helping to ensure that sensible care came to life. And along the way we, too, have celebrated the successes that these sensible care stories represent.

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