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More than you imagine

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Employer branding

Action is one of the most successful and rapidly growing, international non-food discounters operating in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Austria. It has almost 35,000 employees and over 850 stores, and it is still growing. Which means Action has an ongoing need for new employees. But not just any employees; employees with a specific ‘Action’ mindset.

Action therefore asked PROOF to create an international employer branding framework and a strong employer brand to attract the right talent, at any given moment.

Unique and distinctive

Building a strong employer brand begins with gathering insights. We therefore spoke with many employees and former employees, both in the Netherlands, Action’s home country, and internationally. And one thing became clear: Action is a family. The employees feel like part of something special and are offered great chances. Also, Action’s assortment is ever changing. This makes Action unique and different from her competitors. These insights are the ingredients for the creative concept ‘More than you imagine’.

More than you imagine

There is a reason that Action has become one of the most successful retailers in Europe, and it’s because of what they do and how they do it.Action gives her customers more than they expect for less money than they can imagine. And this promise applies to Action’s staff as well, who are offered more support and opportunities than you might imagine. In other words, working at Action is more than you imagine.

The campaign runs offline and online. Offline with giveaways, posters, flyers and event materials. Online, we focus on the place where most potential employees are present: social media.

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Employees play an important part

Employees are further encouraged to play an active part in the campaign by sharing fun and inspiring content that reveals the Action mojo. They know best what it is like to work at Action, and by sharing personal content, employees give their potential colleagues and unique sneak peek in to their job. A real impression of a workday at Action.

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