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Employer branding

OLX is a brand with a mission: bringing people around the world together in order to benefit from each other’s products and services. OLX is now the largest marketplace after eBay, with more than 260 million users in 40 countries. How do you help such a dynamic company attract the greatest talents? With an employer brand concept that appeals to the imagination as much as OLX itself.

A true employer brand speaks from the heart of the organisation. The starting point for PROOF was therefore the unique culture of OLX. Employees are pioneers. Their enterprise is a key factor in determining the success of the business. The foundation for a strong employer brand was therefore laid quickly. The uniting element: ‘Empower yourself. Improve the world.’

A target group with a create-your-own-reality mentality demands a unique campaign. PROOF developed a communication system around the products on OLX. They tell a story about OLX as an employer for anyone who has an enterprising spirit. Do you see just an office chair, or do you see a place alongside the CEO? This led to a tool kit which can be imaginatively added to depending on the position and the country.

All materials lead potential candidates to the career hub. Via this career hub, they can also take a look inside OLX as an organisation and as an employer. OLX’s social media (Instagram, LinkedIn) are also seamlessly integrated into the hub. Behind the hub is an intelligent applicant tracking system to follow candidates’ progress.

The result? 200,000 unique visitors in the first four weeks of operation without the use of paid media. Plus hundreds of new followers on LinkedIn and Instagram. The paid campaign will be rolled out in 2016.

OLX is the world’s leading classifieds platform focused on high growth markets, both mobile and online.

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