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Employee alignment

Campus and Real Estate (CRE) is responsible for the development, construction, renovation, maintenance and management of buildings and grounds of the TU Delft. In close collaboration with stakeholders, CRE developed a new campus strategy to ensure a future-proof campus. To help employees get acquainted with the new campus strategy and understand its consequences, PROOF developed the creative concept: Let’s Create.

Kick-off event

On 23 May, the concept was launched at an event for all employees. The goal of this kick-off event was to inform employees about, and engage them with, the campus strategy and developments within the organisation. And to enable CRE and its employees, together, to map out the steps needed to bring the strategy to life on both an organisational and a personal level.

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The event kicked off with a surprise: CRE employees came together in a cold and minimalistic space where they drank coffee from paper cups and listened to an uninspiring welcome speech. Suddenly the curtain dropped. A band appeared on stage and started playing as a cue for the room to be transformed into a pleasant, warm setting, with comfortable seating and an attractive decor. This served as a metaphor for CRE’s challenge: how to keep making the difference for its customers by adapting to their needs.

Next, during an interactive talk show, topics such as collaboration and change processes were discussed with employees and guests from outside the organisation offering interesting insights and examples. This format made plenty of space for dialogue.

Hands on

After the talk show, employees explored the building blocks of the organisational developments by working on group assignments. Various techniques were used, from reverse thinking to evaluating, building on and improving each other’s work within a time limit.

The day ended with a shared evaluation in which employees were encouraged to speak up and share their thoughts as clearly as possible with each other. What were the highlights of the day? What will you do differently as of tomorrow? And do you believe CRE as a whole is ready to take on the challenges ahead? To wrap up the day on a high-energy note, the band gave a short concert while employees enjoyed drinks. In the words of one employee, ‘The day was a positive start to building the organisation of tomorrow – Let’s Create!’

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