Improve the employee experience together with your colleagues

Improve the employee experience together with your colleagues

Organisations are constantly changing. Apart from the strategy that may change, in many organisations the way of working, of managing, of learning and of onboarding, changes. How do you ensure that employees continue to feel connected, know how they can contribute and give the best of themselves every day? By not thinking for the employees, but by involving them, listening to them and actually doing something with their input.

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Do you want to improve the employee experience in your organisation? Then get to work together with your employees during the Employee Journey Workshop. The workshop can be organised online or in real life, in line with the most recent guidelines of the RIVM.

Design thinking

During the workshop we use the employee journey model (©PROOF) and principles of design thinking. The starting point is that the employee is central. You start by mapping out what the wishes and needs of employees are. Then you actively involve them in developing solutions. Therefore there is little room for assumptions and gut feelings. You also actively involve your employees during implementation by measuring how the solutions work and adjusting them where necessary.

Getting started

After the workshop, you can immediately start improving the employee experience. With solutions based on the latest insights and developed together with employees.

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