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The accounting sector is currently sailing through choppy waters. The media and the regulatory authorities have criticised the ‘big four’, and public confidence in accountants has declined. KPMG has therefore brought Jan Hommen on board to take the company back to the top. This is going hand-in-hand with a culture change. 

The change process has been dubbed true blue. Seven workstreams are being set up so that employees throughout the organisation can contribute ideas on the future of KPMG and input can be gathered from all quarters, to be addressed straightaway by senior management.

PROOF is developing the internal communication concept true, which ties in closely with this cultural change and acts as an umbrella linking together all the underlying programmes. true sets out KPMG’s cultural priorities: transparency, integrity and quality. KPMG wants to return to the key principles on which the company was founded.

PROOF is also helping KPMG with the introduction and roll-out of true. We will, for example, be sending out a strategy bulletin to all employees as well as true talk, an open and honest video interview with Jan Hommen and change manager Jet Wiechers, made by an external host. It’s an interactive video with a menu enabling the viewer to switch between different topics.

Along the same lines as the bulletin and video, we’re also helping to organise a meeting of 900 managers and senior managers under the title ‘true action. The new business plan and the specific targets for the forthcoming period will be shared at this meeting. The management day will end with the making a physical true commitment, by pressing a painted hand-print onto a canvas. The canvases will be distributed throughout the KPMG offices and employees will also be encouraged to give their commitment to putting KPMG back ‘on top’.


true talk

In the ‘true talk’ video CEO Jan Hommen and change manager Jet Wiechers talk about their concerns and they share their ideas. The video has an interactive menu which enables the viewer to choose which video he or she wants to look at and in what order.

true event

During the ‘true action’ event 900 managers are being prepared to work with their teams. By leaving a mark of their hand on canvas they prove and show their ‘true commitment’.


true Newspaper

A newspaper for all employees. In this newspaper employees receive more background information about the why and how.


true banners

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