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Employee alignment

Uniting everyone around a new future

In 2013, ABN AMRO faced a bright new future. Five years after nationalisation the bank was ready to go it alone, to explore the challenges of a post-crisis world and to usher in a new period in its history.

The challenge was to find a way to take all the company’s managers and employees on this journey – take them into the future to help them prepare for what was coming next.

PROOF developed a concept that emphasised the future rather than the past, and in line with the bank’s clear proposition: ABN AMRO ‘Bank of Today’. We therefore created ‘Tomorrow’.

The essence of the ‘Tomorrow’ internal communication initiative was of a bank getting better every day through employees setting their sights on tomorrow and acting proactively, building trust and being ambitious.


Trusted. Professional. Ambitious

These keywords shaped the design and form of the internal strategy and subsequent communications. The Managing Board took part in national and international Leadership Days to personally tell the story and strategy to managers. They were supported with a range of collateral and media including films and presentations. For the international events, we created an online portal via which managers could subscribe for the event and connect with colleagues.

The Managing Board held Q&A meetings with the bank’s 20,000+ employees in the Netherlands. The emphasis was on giving staff concrete answers in plain language. The result was a lively, interactive and effective dialogue. We also developed a one-off strategy newspaper for all employees, and a recurring e-zine and magazine to drive structural communication.

This was a successful, award winning, collaborative, integrated concept that helped ABN AMRO and their employees embrace ‘Tomorrow’ with pride, vigour and clarity.

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