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Royal FloraHolland

Grow with us

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Employer branding

Royal FloraHolland is a cooperative whose success in the global horticulture trade results from a unique combination of ordering, payment and delivery services. To secure this success, Royal FloraHolland has started to transform itself from a physical auction to a digital platform under the name 'Connect to grow'. To ensure the success of this transformation, Royal FloraHolland needs to attract new talent.

Strong and distinctive

The scope of the company’s transformation set against a background of a tight labour market means that attracting the right talent will require the creation of a strong and distinctive employer brand. Royal FloraHolland asks PROOF help it develop a strong employer brand that is in line with what is happening within the company.


Will you grow with us?

A strong employer brand revolves around a promise to talent. The promise Royal FloraHolland is making is that, working there, you will be part of an enormous digital transformation through which you will make a global impact in a small organisation. In addition, you will be able to grow both personally and professionally. From this, PROOF develops a concept called ‘Groei Mee’ (‘Grow with us’) that fits perfectly with the ‘Connect to grow’ transformation programme.

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Tradition and future come together

We bring ‘Grow with us’ to life in a campaign in which tradition and future come together. We link well-known images – flower fields, greenhouses and rows of trolleys – to the big digital ambitions of Royal FloraHolland. The copy contains subtle puns and references to grower jargon. All the content comes together in the newly developed ‘working at’ website. With an unintimidating ‘matching test’, candidates can find out before they apply whether they will flourish at Royal FloraHolland and fit into the organisation and culture. We bring the promise further to life with a film, appealing stories from employees and examples of concrete projects that make people proud.

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