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Driven to improve

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Employer branding

International parking pioneer

PARK NOW Group, known for its RingGo, Parkmobile, Park-line and PARK NOW brands, is a leading international provider of innovative parking solutions. PARK NOW is driven by a clear purpose: to make cities healthier, cleaner and more liveable by unlocking the power of technology for good – namely, to make parking simple, quick and effortless.

Building a stronger employer brand

In light of the tight labour market, PARK NOW is insufficiently known outside its industry as a company, for its brands or for the innovative market in which it operates. PARK NOW therefore wants to position itself as an attractive employer and claim a top-of-mind position among technical talent. PARK NOW asks PROOF to help.

An EVP and creative concept as the basis

Our first step was to develop an Employee Value Proposition (EVP): ‘We challengeyou to create the most attractive mobility solutions for a better life in a connected world.’ This EVP was then translated into a creative concept: Driven to improve.

PROOF then developed a communications approach and various assets to bring this concept to life and catch the attention of the right target groups. We began by creating a careers site that serves as the heart of all its labour market communication.

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A video and photo series bring the concept to life

Video and photography were chosen as an effective way to load the concept and make it tangible. We therefore developed creative formats for a video and photo series for the careers site and coordinated production for PARK NOW. All images emphasise the important contribution employees make to shaping the future of cities.

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Real people, urban setting

The photos and videos portray the people of PARK NOW in an urban setting, where they represent the open culture and diversity of the company. The images are realistic and natural, unposed, and they use the city as a background. By portraying employees outside the office, at their own favourite location, we show the urban work environment of PARK NOW and provide a personal look into the lives of the people that make PARK NOW unique.

To emphasise the central role the mobile phone plays in the digital solutions PARK NOW is working on every day, all testimonial videos and photographs are filmed and shot using a mobile phone. Each video testimonial is both a personal portrait and a conversation with the employee about their role and career at PARK NOW. This makes clear the connection between the personal and professional life of each employee, and every image shows people moving or in motion. This serves as a motif for continuously wanting to take steps to create better solutions – in line with the Driven to improve concept.

Important contribution

The personal testimonials and images take the viewer through what working at PARK NOW is really like and so bring the concept to life. In this way, the video and photo series make a significant contribution to PARK NOW’s positioning as an attractive employer. It shows that PARK NOW is more than just a company; it is an international tech community of people who make the difference every day. Driven to improve.

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